Productions Mondiales des Arts des Femmes

They all worked very hard on this project, including :

Claude Kipré : General secretary
Alex Boicel : Artistic Director and Head of Programming
Eba Joseph : Logistics Officer


Founder Biography

Who is Charly Maïwan

Producer and Manager

Founding President of
Festival Tropical de la Nuit du Rire (Montreal, Canada)

MOAKU MATIA MAIWAN (Charly Maiwan) is a producer dedicated to world music for several years. With this site, we hope to facilitate the work of professionals and amateurs around the artists we represent. Born in DRC, Charly Maïwan came to Montreal at the age of 17 years old.

During these early years, he began to embrace the great diversity of cultures that includes music from all over the world. He absorbed the ancient alchemy of African rhythms, Latin music, jazz, blues and soul, briefly, everything that composes the music of the world began to incubate in his soul, and waited for its moment to wake up and clearly identify its career choice for the musical support of artists from around the world.

After ten years in Montreal, he went to New York where he moved and worked with Alex Boicel in the famous "Maison de production Africamondo". He acquired solid experience in music programming and production and began working for internal events of the third world talent agency.

In 1994, he founded Maiwan productions with the goal of planning and promoting artists at international festivals, campus and other concert halls around the world. Also in 1994, he created the first African television show in Montreal on behalf of "AFRIQUE NOIRE AU QUÉBEC."

In order to expand his programming horizons and celebrate his African and Caribbean heritage, Maiwan has joined forces with key promoters from Senegal, South Africa, Ghana, the French from the West Indies and Guyana.

In 1999, Maiwan created a musical group of young Congolese in the name of Maiwan Stars. In 2007 Maiwan created a group of women in the name of Bella Mondo, only women playing instruments, 10 young women from Africa.

In 2012, he founded the first music festival for women in the ware industry (Montreal-Canada)
so he is the founding president ... 2020 we will be at our tenth edition.

Maiwan Productions has brought a multitude of renowned African artists to North America. Think of Koffi Olomide, Youssou Ndour, Salif Keita, Kassav, Pepe Kalle, Marie Misamu, Magic System, Diblo Dibala, Zaiko Langa Langa, Wenge Musica, Madilu System, and several artists, such as Dany Engobo, Sakis, Sam Manguana, and so on. ...Maiwan took to Africa to perform for the first time, the great Haitian group Tabou Combo as well as other Haitian groups and artists, such as TANTAN and the group Lakole. Fallyy Poupa, Zaiko Langa Langa Maiwe from "Cote d'ivoire", Magic system, Belo from Haiti Carimi.

This production company is also responsible for planning and programming festivals abroad, and offers groups and artists at all festivals in the world with Africamondo (Alex Boicel), we had done the programming of the following festivals:

« Festival de Jazzkayen », « Kalalu in Ste-Lucie », « Festival de jazz Ste-Lucie », « Festival de jazz Montréal », « Festival des nuits d'Afrique » in Montreal, « Tokyo festival », « Le Massa » in Côte d'ivoire, the « Fespam » in Congo Brazza, « Festival Nuit d'Afrique », « Afrofest » in Toronto, and several others.

Maiwan Productions is one of the leading specialty companies as an independent developer across America.

Maiwan has promoted internationally renowned artists such as Harlem Gospel Choir, Shaggy, Hugh Masekela, Wyclef Jean, Salif Keita, Diblo Dibala, Baba Maal, Alpha Blondy, Lucky Dube, Fela, Kassav, Juan Luis Guerra, Eddie Palmieri, Koffi Olomide, Marie Misamu, Nyboma Kanta, Sakis, les Cœur Brisés, Zaiko langa langa langa, Les Maiwan Stars, Kekele, Extra Musica, Bella Mondo Orchestra Oumar Pene, Belo d'Haiti, Tabou Combo.... and many more.

We are committed to providing the public with quality events, educating, entertaining and satisfying the specific needs of any audience or our customers base.

Maiwan Productions also develops and enhances the visibility of the artists it represents.
With several years of experience in the field of international music, it is easy for us to create and organize any kind of festival and that makes us an outstanding company with skills, to understand your needs and serve a specific audience well, we bring together unique programs that exceed all expectations.

He participates in all the major events in the world. (Masa, Womex, visas for music. Escale bantou etc.)
Mawazine Festival in Morocco with groups such as Padiex Musica BUZI Haiti Participation in the World Festival of Negro Arts in Dakar with Tabou Combo, Bella Mondo, Haiti Toubadwou, Colombia Africa and participation in the programming Mbilia Bel show in Colombia
Gone with Mbilia Bel and Lokassa ya Mbongo in Colombia Cartagena and Bogota
Diblo Dibala a Afrofest
Founder of the 100% feminine Bella Mondo group in Cote d'Ivoire
Founder of the Ayana Bolingo group in Cote d’Ivoire
Manager and producer of the "Artiz d'Haiti" and Siromiel, all 100% feminine groups

1994 - Structure Maïwan Productions
2000 to 2005 - Secretary at the transaculture Africaine (Transac)
2012 – President and founder of festival MMF
2015 - Broadcasts ‘Âme d’Afrique’ on Ici/Televisions
2015 - Structure ‘Festival Tropical de la Nuit du Rire’
2016 - Jury member Afromondo
2018 - Jury member Escale Bantou
2018 - Vice-president of the Transac
2019 - Collaboration with BMCulture
2019 - Member of the MASA selection committee in Côte d'Ivoire
December 2019 - Production of the great concert with the mythical group of the DRC ZAIKO LANGA
2020 - Delegate for professionals for the CAC
2020 - First realization of the ‘Festival le monde des femmes Abidjan’
March 2020 - I was appointed by the Canada Council for the Arts to be the delegate of 130 Canadian professionals to go to Africa
September 2020 - Launch of the ‘FMMF MEGA VIRTUAL SHOW’ festival 

Collaborator Biography

Who is Alex Boicel

Artistic Director and Head of Programming

For 35 years. Alex Boicel. Co-founder of Festival Nuits d’Afrique in Montreal Canada has been One America’s. Africa’s and the Caribbean's leading independent promoters through Afromondo Productions an agency for numerous great world music artists. He has promoted such international famous artists as Fela, Randy Weston. Salif Keita. Lucky Dube, Alpha Blondy, Baba Maal. Youssou Ndour.

Born in Cayenne French Guiana. Alex Boicel moves to Montreal at the age of sixteen to work with his father Doudou Boicel founder of Montreal Jazz Festival and hottest l97O’s Montreal Club the Rising Sun During his earlier stage. Alex Boicel began to embrace the great diversity of cultures that comprise African and Caribbean music. All of this World Music began to incubate in his soul. After 15 years of living in Montreal and owner of Cafe Creole for 7 years and co-founder of the Festival Nuits d’Afrique, he decided to move to New York. Where he met with Larry Gold, the owner of famous club SOBs. There he acquired productions experience working in-and house events, booking band from Africa with Third World Agency. He also founded the Africa Mondo Festival in Brooklyn for 7 years at Celebrate Brooklyn .and involved with music conference like Minec in Sandres Colombia. MASA Festival in Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire. Festival Mondial Music Femmes in Montreal with his friend Charly Maiwan.
Now, Alex Boicel has been nominated as director of the Womaaf (World Music Arts African Festival) and Ambassador of Visa for Music in Rabat Morocco for the next two years He's also a consultant for the Festival Terre de Blues in Marie-Galante Guadeloupe and Consultant for The Sahel Music Festival in Niger and just recently involved in the new Music Market call CARIBEXPO in Guadeloupe. But his best moment doing what he likes was surely the making of Rabat Blues Festival in Morocco in 2017 and the preparation of Afromondo Music Showcase during Apap in New York. 


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Charly Maiwan Moaku Matia
Founding President

Tel. : 00 1514-805-6676
Emails : /
Tel. Abidjan : +225 070-915-6745
Email :

Claude Kipré
General secretary

Alex Boicel
Artistic Director and Head of Programming

Tel. : +1 646-719-3716 / Whatsapp : +1 347-691-4738
Email :

Eba Joseph
Logistics Officer